Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stuck---The Bible Study

I have never reviewed a Bible Study before for a book company but I requested this one from Booksneeze the program by Thomas Nelson that allows bloggers to review books.

I can say I have done a cursory review only. As a Bible Study leader in women's ministry for 20 years, I was looking for something fresh.

I really don't like reviewing something that is meant to be used in group setting when I haven't experienced it in a group setting. After watching the video prompts that author has taped to begin the week's discussions, I thought that they were well produced and heartfelt. The author seems to be making a good effort at being real and vulnerable.

This study is geared to a younger crowd and it isn't the regular fill-in the blank type of Bible Study. It seems to try to appeal to all learning styles and both sides of the brain---experiential and pragmatic learners. The author's intention is to use the truths of the Bible to move the learners to action---become "unstuck."

I wanted to do this with my classes but it would have to be adapted some and I am not sure about how the older ladies would relate since most of them, I assume, are past being "stuck." I don't have the time to get a younger group together to do this and see how it would play out. Maybe I can do that in the summer when my regular classes don't meet.

The lessons include chapters on brokenness, anger, discontentment, fear, being overwhelmed, saddness, and getting "unstuck."

There is a good leaders guide and a set of conversation cards to use with a small group. The leaders guide is detailed and would be good for someone who doesn't have experience leading a small group.

The member's book would most likely appeal to a younger 20 to early 30 set as would the videos. The book is not big and cumbersome. However, the publisher was not thinking about putting a pen to paper when they chose the thin, almost glossy workbook pages. I don't think I have a pen that would both write on the pages and not bleed through. They are very thin. You can see the print through them pretty easily. It is the first thing I noticed when I picked up the study book.

As to doing this study with a class, I hate to say I can't give a go ahead. As I mentioned, I have not done it but as a leader who looks at expensive Bible studies in closed boxes, I wanted to give some insight for the leader who needs to know what's in there.

I really think this would be great for a small group of friends to do together in an informal setting like a living room. I don't know the price point so I don't know if that is possible.

Booksneeze provided me with study for this review. My opinions are, of course, my own.