Monday, March 11, 2013

Everything by Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth speaks to the heart in her latest Christian living book, Everything. I have read Mary's autobiography, Thin Places and her book on spiritual warfare, The Beautiful Battle. Mary's voice is one that draws the reader to join her at the table of her life. She reveals her life as a follower of Christ in her struggles, her failures, and her fears. As she reveals her (sometimes) messy life, she is able to turn her stories into stories that speak into the reader's life.

Mary doesn't always have it together. She had a childhood that has wrought beauty in her life despite the fact that it was tumultuous and victimizing. Despite the things that could have kept her from the abundant life in Christ, Mary has continued to receive the grace of God for her past, her present, and her future. Mary seems to work through the circumstances life throws her way and finds that Jesus has provided for her at every turn.

For the mature Christian, this is not a deep theological book (although you find theology tucked into her writing here and there.) Still I think it is particularly important for those who have lived the Christ-life for years to read this great conversational processing of a life that has and is growing up in Christ. Mary's words are a call back to those who have made Christianity a title they tag to their identity. She reminds us that to follow Christ is to have a real and growing relationship with him that is vibrant and freeing.

Mary is a woman of words that come off the page as timely and practical. She is the friend that everyone needs speaking into their lives----someone who loves God and pursues Him with passion and grit.

Her Texas roots come through in her words. She writes with authority because she backs up her encouragement having lived out her admonitions in the ups and downs of her life---one that is embraced and cherished.

I loved Everything. I would recommend it as a read-through or a book to read chapter-by-chapter as you would a devotional, taking time to consider and journal Mary's questions at the end of the chapters. I intend to read it again and do just that!

I received this book free from Booksneeze, Thomas Nelson Publisher's blogger program. My review is my own opinion and I was not compelled to give a positive response to the book.

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